If you're like most people, purchasing a home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make in your lifetime. If you're considering buying a home, you're likely aware of the complexity of the endeavor. Because of the numerous factors to consider when purchasing a home, it's important to prepare as best you can. At Mortgages Unlimited, Inc, we are dedicated to finding the loan that fits your individual needs .


Some popular Mortgage programs are:

Typical Loan Amortization Choices:


Most Popular Fixed Rate loans

  • 30-year
  • 25-year
  • 20-year
  • 15-year
  • 10-year fixed
  • Anything from 8 years to 30-years available

Adjustable loans

  • 10/1 - Fixed for first 10-years
  • 7/1 - Fixed for first 7-years
  • 5/1 - Fixed for first 5-years
  • 3/1 - Fixed for first 3-years

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